UE restarts my computer within 3 minutes after launch

As I am not aware of which version the games run on I won’t select one.
For the last 2 months I’ve been trying out different UE4 games such as Dead by Daylight, Winexy and Fortnite’s Battle Royale but every single one of those games runs for no longer than 5 minutes until it turns off my computer. I thought it was from the game itself but now that I started playing Killing Floor 2 this started reoccurring and was brought to my attention again, I asked the game forums on steam but none of them made any responses so I am bringing it up here.

I was browsing the forum here so I saw people posting their DxDiag text files so I went ahead and did it.

Ask me anything at all, I’ll try my best to answer accordingly.

Thank you for your time :>

Hi Nuyuu,

This isn’t really Unreal Engine specific, but… I think it might be that your CPU is overheating and shutting down your computer as an emergency response.

It might be a good idea to open your computer case (or whoever owns it should) and makes sure there isn’t excess dust buildup in your CPU / GPU heatsync. If there is, take it outside on a dry day and use some compressed air to clean it out.

If dust isn’t your problem, I would download a program like hwinfo64 and monitor your CPU and GPU temperatures while you have a game open. If your temperatures seem fine, you should also checkout running memtest86, which will help make sure there are no problems with your RAM.

Hope some of that is helpful!

My computer runs in a… well it’s a computer “case” but in reality it’s just a colander styled metallic box so I see how it could’ve gathered dust but don’t think it’d be overheating, I’ll pick up the programs and try them out right away.

I’ll give everything a try and return with the results by next week, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I’m posting this earlier than a week’s time due to my inconsistent scheduling would cause me to forget even come back to this thread.

I installed hwinfo64 and it was as you said, both my CPU and GPU temperatures rise about 6-8 degrees since the game launch until the computer restart although physically my CPU is cold and my GPU and motherboard are somewhat warm right after it turns off.

I had a friend do the memtest86 for me and said that my RAM was the same as the information of the model of the RAM card I use said it is.

I also had the whole computer, box and hardware blown with a car tire pump so there is no dust.

The restarts are reoccurring still but I guess it’s fine, I’ll get myself a newer hardware later this year but what would you advise, CPU, GPU or both? Most of my favorite games are all on the Unreal Engine yet it crashes almost on all of them :confused:

Thanks again!

This may not fully be Unreal specific however searching the internet and finding a wide range of this exact problem as well as my own in which it ONLY happens with the Unreal engine or games designed in it leads me to believe something that is being done is triggering this sort of error.

I have been able to identify a few specific instances in which I can trigger this error every single time and as such it is unlikely to be an overheating issue or anything like that. It is a specific event the unreal engine is doing that triggers it in some hardware. (possibly high power draw but not fully sure just yet)

I have a list of games and places I can trigger the action with 99% accuracy. Also I write code myself and have literally abused my GPU/CPU on many occasions for various things and never experienced this shutdown outside of the UE3-4 games.

I really want to help get to the bottom of this because it is starting to become a nuisance to say the least as most games are becoming unplayable regardless of settings.

I have a NVidia gtx 1060 TR2 600W PSU. and Intel i7 920 CPU.