UE render of low-budget motion capture scene (face/limbs).

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working for a while on a low-budget face tracking add-on within Blender with the goal of combining it with a body-tracking solution to capture improv performances. I’m using sequencer with a lot of the example content and am finally getting good enough results to post something here I think. The character stuff in UE4 is just getting better and better!

Camera locked on one character for the sake of this test. Still a lot of rough edges, early days yet.

Oh and the fisheye lens makes my nose look considerably bigger than it is in real life!

At this stage I’m taking audio recorded on location and recreating the performance later but my hope would be to provide folks with their own face rigs in future (3d printed, raspberry pi - whole other conversation) and I"m already working on motion capture from the day itself…just not this test.

Face tracking still at a very early stage too; still just calibrated to my face but MIGHT be able to make it universal.

I presented this at the latest London Unreal Meetup and promised I’d have 1-2 new scenes this time next month, so I’ll keep posting here I think if people are interested! :slight_smile:

Really really cool!

This looks intriguing. Do keep us posted on your progress :).

I am very interested in this :slight_smile: