UE most stable version for Linux?


So I have been trying to learn UE.

I’m on Arch Linux.

My question is simple suggest me a UE version in which everything is stable and runs.

I downloading 4.14 and 4.14.2, the animation blueprint editor crashes every time.

I found it was working in 4.13

I downloaded 4.13 but it runs but just gives a black windows.

Is there any version that just works with out major hiccups?

Hi, I personally do work on 4.16(aka master branch) but it also needs couple branches so that the Persona part of the editor does not crash when opening(Skeletal and animation editors). Other than that it does work OK…occasional crashes are… well normal.

ok I’ll try it tonight.
Also I’ll have to locally merge 4.14-fix_person_crash_linux(This is the branch that claims to fix it) into the master to fix the animation blueprint crash, rite?

This one fixes the persona crash https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/3037/files well it might not do it right, but that one works for me

@aknarts could not get master branch to build, applied the patch to release branch it did not work. Still getting crash in animation blueprint editor.

Strange, I am rebuilding master branch every day to get the latest and greatest and builds ok for me. The patch would not fix the crashes on Release branch entirely, I gave up on figuring out the rest of the issues when I realized it works somewhat ok on master