UE Messing my UVW. What i'm doing wrong?

Hi gents,

Hope you can help with this (apologies for the big images, but i don’t know how to do thumbnails).

I’ve modeled a building with Max with correct UVW, exported the same mesh to Substance Painter and to UE.
Did all my texture work in Substance, and baked the maps. If I apply them again in Max, the result is this one: (look at the white wall texture below the balcony)

When i check the model in UE to apply the texture, this is what happens. My UVW are exactly the same as the Max scene

As you see, the texture is not applied properly as it does not follow the UVW coordinates of the model.
Just to give more info, i attach you the texture in Substance:

Can anyone give me a hint of what can be happening? I’ve tried to do different copies of the mesh and export/import again into UE with no luck.

Thanks for everything!

The material could be using a different uv for that texture.

but also looks like the whole texture is shifted, so maybe whatever you imported actually has bad UVs. Maybe it wasn’t the same model you painted on?

No. As i said it’s exactly the same mesh and has the exact same uvw map. As you see in the first pictures i did the test of importing everything back to 3dsmax and it works correctly there.

SOLVED! It was due to the triangulation. It seems Substance triangulates the mesh diferently than UE, so they ask you to triangulate the mesh before exporting to Substance.

So, essentially the 2 meshes were different… go figure…
Glad you worked it out.

Did this also solve the shifting at the corner between the bricks mesh and the geometry?