UE - Mesh as overlapper, causes player firing continuous overlapping events, why?

Hi, i created a moving platform, each time player jumps over, it starts moving, but if player jumps out, platform should stop and return to its original location; i thought this was easy, i duplicated the same mesh to use it as overlapper and get the exact shape, moved it a bit up, and “On component begin overlap” should start moving the platform, then, once player is outside “end overlap” makes platform to return… well

by using a mesh as overlapper, movement fires constant overlapping events, for both beggin and end overlap, wich makes platform to not move at all, freeze, my only solution is to Branch “on component end overlap” to only be able to fire after platform reaches its destiny… but now, i can´t cancel movement by jumping off at any point, not sure why overlapping is constantly firing by using a mesh, maybe each frame it causes a new overlap event…

Using a box collision as overlapper fixes all the problem, it triggers once, not affected by movement, but… its harder to make it work for specific platform shapes, mine are very irregular, “E” shapes, “C” shapes, that´s why i wanted to duplicate the same mesh and use it as overlapper.

Please help

I tested your setup with boxes (“1M_Cube”), scaled up the “trigger” 10%.
Works as intended.
Must be a rat in your collision setup?
Mine were:

  • Trigger mesh (type Pawn):

block all but Pawn
overlap Pawn

  • Collision/visible mesh (Type WorldDynamic):

Block all