UE_LOG throws over 2000 errors?

If I comment-out the UE_LOG lines, it compiles fine. Otherwise, the UE_LOG is causing massive amounts of errors when I try to compile my project. My project is brand new, and I’m just trying to set it up so I have a Runtime and Editor modules, so I can create custom AnimGraph nodes.

Here’s the SMSFEditor.cpp code with the troublemaking UE_LOG commented out.

#include "SMSFEditor.h"
#include "Modules/ModuleManager.h"
#include "Modules/ModuleInterface.h"



void FSMSFEditorModule::StartupModule()
	//UE_LOG(SMSFEditor, Warning, TEXT("SMSFEditor: Log Started"));

void FSMSFEditorModule::ShutdownModule()
	//UE_LOG(SMSFEditor, Warning, TEXT("SMSFEditor: Log Ended"));


Here’s a sample of all the errors that uncommenting the above UE_LOG causes:

I was following the tutorial from:

Are you sure it is the log that actually causes the error?
Is the logcategory declared correctly? If you use UE_Log(LogTemp,Warning,… instead of UE_Log(SMSFEeditor,Warning… , does the problem still occur?

To me it looks like the code gets compiled and optimized away when the log isn’t there because you’re not doing anything with the module. And it’s not optimized when you log. Are you sure everything is setup correctly in your Build.cs file?