UE Library contains dozens copies of same versions

Not sure what causes this, but I’m certain this was also the case 4 years ago, when I last used UE, so it shouldn’t be a new problem (if it is at all and not just intended behaviour I am misinterpreting/misusing).

I’m also sure (one place) where the versions are located only contains them once (possible that there’s another place with all the copies, but I couldn’t find it, if it even exist). Also, deleting the versions directly in the library doesn’t have much effect after restarting the launcher. On the contrary, I think the versions are multiplying even further because of that.

Here’s a gif scrolling through all the versions (it’s like 6 different versions, just dozens of times each): Screen capture - af791457c97d8bd734287266964d358f - Gyazo

8 months later and still no idea how to resolve this. I have to scroll for ages by now… And it’s all just copies of the only 4 versions I have. If anyone could tell me what’s going on and how to fix it, that’d be nice.

It’s 263 by now… it takes half a minute of scrolling just to get to the bottom.

Here is a video gif of the problem: Screen capture - d96e2cf3f1702660aca1363c5124182d - Gyazo

Just deleted all previous versions of the engine from my system. Would’ve liked to keep them, but I can just reinstall them later if I need them again, since I’m only using v5 at the moment, anyway. That took care of all copies, too.

Might be worth to check if the copies reappear if I reinstall the old versions, but not gonna do that now…