UE:LFG | The Ascent

Join us this week on UE:LFG as play Neon Giant’s The Ascent and battle our way through a cyberpunk landscape that is collapsing around us - at the same time that the mega corporation that owns us, our friends & everyone else does the same. This award-winning & million seller solo & co-op action shooter RPG is absolutely jam packed with stunning visuals, robust story telling and adrenaline pumping combat - so let’s talk about it!

Interested in joining the team? Neon Giant is hiring!

Friday, March 17th @ 2:00 PM ET - Countdown



Arcade Berg - Co-founder | Creative Director - @Kizo
Creative Director responsible for gameplay & systems interacting. He has a background in game & level design along with a myriad of PR responsibilities. Worked internationally on franchises including Gears of War, Bulletstorm and all the new Wolfenstein games. His most recent title was the award winning The Ascent.
Tor Frick - Co-founder | Creative Director - @Snefer
Creative Director responsible for art direction and fidelity. He’s worked on both movies and big AAA titles as artist and Art Director. IPs include FarCry, Doom and Wolfenstein. His art and technical know-how is a major factor propelling The Ascent’s success.

Tina Wisdom - Community Manager - @TheUnWiseTina

If you’re unable to make the show, all livestreams can be viewed afterwards on-demand .