UE Learning Project Film - Ortho by Nature

An Unreal Engine Learning Project, done in a few weeks at Christmas, based on an original house design by Apollo architects based in Japan. Originally planned to be just a few interiors, I decided to later add a few exerior scenes to make more use of the music track.
Lots of things I would have liked to fix and improve but I stuck to my deadline and met it. If I can revisit it one day it would be to improve lighting, some materials, and to add a few extra visual effects elements.

Please let me know any feedback or comments. There are a few things I mention below but it never hurts to ask :slight_smile: Thanks



Based on original Ortho house design by
Satoshi Kurosaki Apollo Architects & Associates

Music: Water Lily by Kevin MacLeod
Link: Water Lily by Kevin MacLeod (Royalty free music)
License: Standard CC BY 4.0 license

Sound effects: https://freesound.org

Props & models: 3D Sky, Megascans
Software used: Unreal Engine, 3DS Max, Substance Suite, Quixel Suite, Speedtree



Hi @cloudchops,

I’ve found Ortho by Nature very inspiring.

The footage and the sound track made me feel in a very intimate and tranquil place.

Thanks for sharing,

You did an amazing job highlighting the Ortho House. Keep up great work, its renders like this that inspire me to continue to strive for excellence in my rendering.

Another excellent project :smiley:

It’s very well made and relaxing to watch :slight_smile:

Love it!

looks sooooooooooooooo good!!!

“Amazing Architecture”, I should say.

Thanks for the comments and glad you liked it! The last couple of outdoor shots (before the aerial) came out better than I expected. Not footage though :). The soundtrack helped a lot with the enjoyment of making it too and kind of makes me want to make more videos based around music I find, even for other subjects which aren’t arch viz.