UE Launcher 1.7.1-2304152: now Preview (4.5.0) installing issue

Hi friends,

I’ve come across a little trouble attempting to install new preview (I think it’s 4.5.0 preview as I can see its source in the official repo).
When I try to install the preview I got “Subscribe” button active instead of “Install” one. As I understand an active “Subscribe” button should mean that the currently logged in user hasn’t got an active subscription.
My subscription is active as I can install any other version of UE4 except the latest preview one (see the screenshot below).

Thank you for any help or an explanation in case I’ve missed something.

Thanx again and have a nice day,

+1, same problem.

I assume we have/ had the same issue.

It was a bug.

+1 affected. My subscription is active, but even earlier versions show only the subscribe button.
I’m using launcher 1.8.0-2311636.

Edit: Fixed it. The problem for me was the last preview. We had to insert “-AppLabel=Production-4.4.1HotfixPreview” on the launcher. Now removing it allowed me to download 4.5 preview.