UE Lanucher - Download Percentage decreases

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I have downloaded the Epic Games Launcher Installer. I installed it and a new window poped up which started downloading some 91MB content.

For some reason the percentage decreases, even the amount of downloaded data decreases. Its now stuck at 4.2 MB, it keep increases up to 4.6MB then decreases to 4.0MB. Its extremely weird to see downloaded data go missing.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem before? Please help out.

Moved your thread to the correct location.

I myself have not experienced this issue … maybe someone else has.

Here is a video.

By the way, there is a bug. After x.9, it goes to x.0 instead of (x+1).0. After x.0 , it works fine. Also the installer shows wrong percentage.

But that is fine, one can at least download. At the end of the video, you can see that the downloaded data decreases.

I suggest you post this as a bug on Answerhub … see links above.