UE is draining my hard drive!

I have set my project location in other drive (Drive D).
But I am running out of my main hard drive (Drive C).
I had about 30 gb free space a few days ago and today I noticed that I could not even start UE because there was very little space left in my hard drive. It turns out that all the files (I have no idea what these files are for.) been saved to to this folder and that folder was over 30 gb of files. That explains what all that free space was taken by. It does not look like it’s safe to remove all the files and folder in there. (There are some dll files.and stuff. I’m too scared to touch them.)
Here’s the screenshot of the folder.

Also, is there a way to make these files to remove themselves instead of cleaning them manually?
Thanks for your help!

What’s almost certainly taking a huge chunk is you vault. You can clear it by getting rid of the big things you’ve already installed like:


( not that particular pack, just find the big ones a ‘remove local content’ ).


Thanks for your reply.
My vault is set to D drive. I removed some content but it did not make any change to my C drive as I expected.
I’m 100 percent sure it’s that folder as shown in the screenshot.
Any idea how to manage the files in that folder?
Please help!!
This is driving me crazy.

Sorry, rummaging around anywhere else will probably just cause the engine to re-generate stuff.