UE - How to stop Skylight cubemap reflections on specific materials?

Hi guys, I wonder how to remove the skylight cubemap reflection from specific materials with “metallic” enable, because sometimes the cubemap works flawless on some scenes, but when you have a Cinematic were the actor with the reflection is close to the camera you can clearly see the cubemap texture and maybe you don’t want it to happen,

for example: you create an space scene, the cubemap that works best has clouds, not a problem if most reflections are looked from far, but if a flying vehicle gets closer to the camera, you can see a relfection of clouds at space… LOL but removing the cubemap texture, has a bigger negative impact on all the other assets in the scene. for instance you can do that with lights, you just choose a different chanel.

How to remove skylight cubemap reflections from specific materials?