UE - How to localize (translate) an Input with a data table, when data tables do not allow spaces? ASAP

Hi, I want to use a data table to localize (translate) all my Xbox inputs in UE4.26 (since there is no easy way around)

the problem I have, is that every input is written this way: “Gamepad Left Thumbstick Up” they include spaces no “_”, even if I use a print string I get the same names with spaces, then, I can not use a “data table” to figure out matching row names, because data tables do not allow row names with spaces, therefor I cant select that row’s variables like translation or picture (Texture 2D) for localization…OMG

I already tried like this, but the data table always fails:
Caps OFF

what can I do? Is there another way to compare input names to a list and choose the translation next to that matching row?

How about replacing the spaces of the key strings to empty or “_”, before passing it to the DataTable? Sorry not very familiar with DataTable tho.