UE - How to avoid camera inner penetration to actor?

Hi, I want to avoid the camera to get inside the actor, it seems impossible by using collisions, for example, if I set the character mesh to block visibility and camera so it also blocks the spring arm, not working, still, the camera is blocked by external meshes, so I believe this is a problem happening only inside the same actor, I also tried to add a collision box and set it to block the camera… not working either.

Another common problem, even if the spring arm is far, as it collides with the floor and I rotate my mouse beneath the feet, I can see inside the actor, If I collide with a wall, the camera goes inside the actor too.

I had this idea of adding a box collision around the actor, when camera overlaps this box, it will turn the actor mesh visibility OFF… the problem is, no idea how to collide the box, “on component begin overlap” doesn’t return the camera component, so I can make the actor invisible once it overlaps it


If you know another way or how to make the overlap with camera, please help.