UE Horror Short Film I made :)

4 mins long Made in UE. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


what a great idea
Then I want to ask how you got these fine motion files. What software was used to do it?

thanks! i used my own captures using preception neuron 3 from noitom mocap.

Greetings, @wenrekroy; I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for sharing your very captivating horror short film “Mirror” here in the Unreal Engine Forums! I absolutely enjoyed this horror short and admittedly jumped when the unmasked entity lunged forward; such a great jump-scare. :laughing:

How long did it take you and your team to create this short film in its entirety? Will you guys follow up with another part?

haha i’m glad that jump scare worked! i intentionally added that in since the whole film lacked a certain “scary” part in it. :smiley:

there were just two of us working on this and i was the only one full time. we started story boarding around november and wanted to finish by december but a lot of unexpected setbacks happened, like my graphics card dying and then the holidays causing delays for a replacement etc…and i also got covid during that time period.

we wanted to make something of quality but also on a short time schedule so we could keep making more but it got pushed back a lot. I’d say if none of those delays happened we could’ve finished it by early or mid January. Sorry if this isn’t a clear answer, it’s hard to estimate exactly how long it took since there were a lot of pauses in between.

as for a continuation, yes we did plan on making more but the view count results was/is kind of disappointing…so i decided to take a break, i also got a bit burned out.

but with UE5 launching plus the city samples, i’m slowly getting inspired to make new content. :slight_smile:

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Your answer is excellent; thank you for explaining! Even with all of the setbacks, the short came out terrific, so kudos again on the job well done. :grin:

I’m also sorry to hear your creation isn’t getting the exposure you would like, but hopefully, you decide to revisit this project and continue the story. At the very least, you have my support!

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Ugh, this gave me chills. The people that worked on the audio deserve both a trophy and a therapy visit :joy: Great work and I -tentatively- hope to see more of your work soon!

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haha thanks! it’s all from freesound.org and i just mixed and matched them :slight_smile: i post content on my socials @runjumpfilms :smiley: