UE Forum: Unable to reply to PM due to the limit

I just wanted to reply to one of private messages (let’s say to Bob) here in the forum, and this is what I got:

’Bob has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.'

… How can I reply or at least let him know about that? :smiley: This seems like a dead end. Does he get any notification about it?

Seconds question is why is there such a limit? Most of messages are in pure text form, is this really that heavy?

PS. I can’t add more than 1 tag to this thread, because then it shows:

*Not Found

The requested URL /50x.html was not found on this server.*

… We have some kind of issue invasion! Brace yourselves.

this is the best way quote him.

he surely will get a notification if he has not disabled it.

Thanks, it’s clear now :slight_smile:

DID U get him ?

Yeah, he cleared his inbox eventually :slight_smile: I need to clear mine too, it’s close to the limit… Imho the limit should be less rigorous, it fills up pretty quickly, especially if a lot people contact you via PM about your projects (in my case Marketplace product questions, support, etc.)

No what can they do then the private messaging will get converted into :smiley:

  1. Gmail gets defeated by UE forum PM system 2. Gmail dies 3. UE forum wins, new world email standard 4. Profit! ;D

yeah sure when that happens I shall rule the world .Ask me how ?

I am the most insane FIFA 15 manager. I hope so.