[UE][Feature request] Absolute scaling/transform and measure tool

Whenever i mix basic geometries and staticmeshes I run into the problem that the SMs can not be scaled to have an absolute size (in units).
This would be solved by having the possibility to a: see the current size(s) and b: change them (by hand).
I bet there are more people out there running into the same issue, even in the training videos I see the pro’s trying out scalings repreatedly to get it right, instead of simply typing in the (often known) needed size.

Seeing no replies at all, i guess nobody else has this same issue.
Is there perhaps another way to do what i described ?
Please enlighten me.

I have a lot of Feedbacks without replies at all.

Well, you can measure in Ortographic view with Middle mouse.
You can get bounding box size in units in blueprint easily, I don’t know why it could not be exposed in Editor, it will really speed up level editing :frowning:

Hi everyone,

We will take this into consideration. Thank you for your feedback!

I just want to put some additional pressure to you. :smiley: I think this is a really needed feature to build levels in UE.

In addition I would like to have a tool which let’s me see how far I already moved something. Maybe I do it wrong but I always have to count how many “jumps” a wall did to know how far I moved it already. And it would be good to have a possibility where I can just insert a distance and a direction and the brush or whatever moves from its current loacation for this distance. For example I want a wall to move 8 m so I write 800 and the axiss and it moves from its current location 800. This is so much faster then counting 1,2,3,4,5,…

And why is a BSP always jumping back to some position after I adjusted a brush setting? The linear stair for eample always turns 180 degree. That is … lame.