UE Export To Maya Tip

Thought I would post this little gem for the future…

When you export a skeletal mesh from UE and open it in maya, it creates a dummy transform node that contains the rig and the mesh.
Not only is the dummy node named wrong(duplicate name), but you dont want it if you intend to export back this back into ue, as it will break the skeleton due to the extra node.

The issue is there is no easy way to delete the dummy node in maya by freezing transforms without losing the skinmesh.

(NOTE: I am not a Maya expert in any way - so this confused me for a long time).

To get rid of the dummy node, one workaround is is duplicate the rig and mesh, copy the skin weights over, then delete the original

(For other maya noobs like me)

  1. duplicate your rig.
  2. freeze the transforms you need to freeze.
  3. duplicate the mesh.
  4. bind your duplicate mesh to the duplicate rig.
  5. select the original mesh and shift+select the duplicate mesh
  6. skin > edit smooth skin > copy skin wieghts [option box]
  7. in the copy skin weights window choose edit > reset
  8. click copy
    9 at this point you can delete the original dummy node, rig, and mesh… and rename the new rig root bone to root1 from root

Hoping this helps someone

Welp, 5 years later and there is me thanking you for this :slight_smile: It helped me

Edit: Ops, Join date is 2014, post is 2017…
2 years later, then.