UE-Editor 4.10 (4.11?) release crash


I have downloaded UE4 yesterday from GitHub (from release branch), compiled it (Editor Development x64) and on launch it crashes. Strange, but it says it 4.11 version instead of 4.10

I’m using clean installed Windows 10 Pro and VS 2015 Update 1

Hey Creo-

During the 4.11 preview cycle, the Release branch on github is being updated with each preview. To download the source for 4.10.2 you can use the 4.10 branch explicitly. We should return to the standard method of putting builds on GitHub after the 4.11 preview cycle.


Hey , is this normal for every release, or just for 4.11? I ask, so I know if I should not be synced to release, but instead checkout a specific version every time.

This is unique to the 4.11 cycle. Typically the preview releases remain separate from the full release to avoid confusion. Once the 4.11 preview cycle ends the release branch will remain as the most current full release version.