UE does not recognize a third party plugin

Hello all,
Could someone please provide some help, It’s been 5 days since I am trying to include this plugin in UE 4.26.2 with no luck:

I followed these tutorials among others:

I included the libraries and headers paths in BrainFlowPlungin.Build.cs.
Added the module in BrainFlowPlugin.uplugin
Added the module in the [Project].Build.cs
Added some basic code in BrainFlowPlugin.cpp to call a function from the plugin.

I compiled in visual studio with no errors or warnings.

However, I cannot open the project in the editor because of this error:


The Plugins and Source folders that I’ve created are here, so you can you look at the files:

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!