UE - Divide by cero error & notifications stop working in packaged project, why?

Hi, i created footstep notifications, they work perfect in engine´s play and BP, but as i package the project, with cero issues… the game does not work any notification; as i check Logs, this is the only error, wich appears several times:

[769]LogScript: Warning: Script Msg: Divide by zero detected: 650.000000 / 0
Script call stack:

But, i followed a normal process: i simply made, right click to my running animation´s notifies panel, created 2 notifications per walk, then in the AnimBP, added the event: Anim Notify Footstpfx and used a line tracebychannel; the engine play, does not show any problem, BP calls the event without any issue, it´s a package problem related to that divided by cero situation i guess, i searched about it, but didn´t found any error by cero information related to notifications.

Not sure what to do, please help!

If you run it in PIE, and then look at the message log, do you see errors?