UE - Data system for Game

Hi there, dear community members!
I am making a Platformer game based on 2D-Sidescroller with Blueprints.

For my game I need some sort of Data system, which will:
a) manage Level states - which ones are locked and which ones are opened;

b) save and edit player stats - like HP, Damage and perks;

c) (stretch goal) If possible - organise game into “saves” system with default states for everything (player, world, levels) that can be modified and saved/loaded upon starting the game.

Now, when my question is described, I want to ask you if there are any existing solutions for such tasks (and where may I find them, maybe some tutorial or Blueprint example), otherwise - how would you recomend me to start with such goal?

Still not sure exactly what you’re asking, but can’t you use the savegame class?

Game Mode to control data inside Game State and Player State and save it into Save Game files when needed.