UE crashes during project import on MacbookPro


During an import of a project to my new workspace the UE crashes with the following error. I have tried other Macbooks from 2017 as well but the result is always the same.

My device:
Macbook Pro 2017

CPU: 2.5GHz i7

RAM: 16 GB

Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 Mb




Assertion failed: Size <= HeapBufferSizes[Lower] [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE4+Release-4.19+Compile/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Apple/MetalRHI/Private/MetalHeap.cpp] [Line: 1645]

FGenericPlatformMisc::RaiseException(unsigned int) Address = 0x1089a29fb (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FMacErrorOutputDevice::Serialize(wchar_t const*, ELogVerbosity::Type, FName const&) Address = 0x10a3eab95 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-ApplicationCore.dylib]
FOutputDevice::LogfImpl(wchar_t const*, …) Address = 0x108c52700 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FDebug::AssertFailed(char const*, char const*, int, wchar_t const*, …) Address = 0x108bcb69b (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FMetalHeap::BufferSizeToIndex(unsigned int) Address = 0x12aba29cc (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-MetalRHI.dylib]
FMetalHeap::CreateTexture(MTLTextureDescriptor*, FMetalSurface*) Address = 0x12ab9600e (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-MetalRHI.dylib]
FMetalDeviceContext::CreateTexture(FMetalSurface*, MTLTextureDescriptor*) Address = 0x12ab95ebb (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-MetalRHI.dylib]
FMetalSurface::FMetalSurface(ERHIResourceType, EPixelFormat, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, bool, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, FResourceBulkDataInterface*) Address = 0x12ac2ff0a (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-MetalRHI.dylib]
FMetalDynamicRHI::RHICreateTextureCubeArray(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned char, unsigned int, unsigned int, FRHIResourceCreateInfo&) Address = 0x12ac3989e (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-MetalRHI.dylib]
FMetalDynamicRHI::RHICreateTextureCubeArray_RenderThread(FRHICommandListImmediate&, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned char, unsigned int, unsigned int, FRHIResourceCreateInfo&) Address = 0x12ac3a788 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-MetalRHI.dylib]
FRenderTargetPool::FindFreeElement(FRHICommandList&, FPooledRenderTargetDesc const&, TRefCountPtr&, wchar_t const*, bool, ERenderTargetTransience) Address = 0x11899893e (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Renderer.dylib]
FReflectionEnvironmentCubemapArray::InitDynamicRHI() Address = 0x118b7b4ee (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Renderer.dylib]
FRenderResource::InitResource() Address = 0x10a043d1a (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-RenderCore.dylib]
TGraphTask const&, wchar_t const*, bool)::EURCMacro_ResizeArrayCommand>::ExecuteTask(TArray&, ENamedThreads::Type) Address = 0x118c438b9 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Renderer.dylib]
FNamedTaskThread::ProcessTasksNamedThread(int, bool) Address = 0x1089bd4db (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FNamedTaskThread::ProcessTasksUntilQuit(int) Address = 0x1089bc578 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FTaskGraphImplementation::ProcessThreadUntilRequestReturn(ENamedThreads::Type) Address = 0x1089b87ae (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
RenderingThreadMain(FEvent*) Address = 0x10a03b585 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-RenderCore.dylib]
FRenderingThread::Run() Address = 0x10a0517e7 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-RenderCore.dylib]
FRunnableThreadPThread::Run() Address = 0x108a34ebe (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FRunnableThreadPThread::_ThreadProc(void*) Address = 0x1089deb47 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
_pthread_body Address = 0x7fff61212661 (filename not found) [in libsystem_pthread.dylib]
_pthread_body Address = 0x7fff6121250d (filename not found) [in libsystem_pthread.dylib]
thread_start Address = 0x7fff61211bf9 (filename not found) [in libsystem_pthread.dylib]


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.