UE Crashes after joining to local multiplier session

Hi guys,

Hope you can help.

I am sort of new to BP’s but I do have little background in programming.

So I have wanted to create simple local multiplier to play around with replication. I have followed Epics MP Shootout project with little changes.
I created simple main menu, with able to browse sessions ( which all works fine )
I can host game, I can view the sessions. When I click on the session to join - my editor crashes.
I can see the guy joining in and then as soon he joins engine locks and crashes.

I thought it could be with the engine file - which I got working with steam overlay ( which wasn’t what I wanted but okay ) I had as set type as null so I changed it to steam. (in the OnlineSubsystem)

I didnt create any BP’s for the character spawning or anything - I had local MP working before and i could have just left to use one player start location )

About to read my logs again to give my some clue.
I’m not sure what you guys need to see or know, if you ask for any info I will do my best to provide it.

Hope you can help.


RESOLVED : After browsing through the logs I found it was a BP causing it. Fixed the bp, I was able to join.