UE Compatibility issue with Steam Link (four known games thus far)

There are a few people on the Steam forums that are having issues with UE4 based games and Steam link / steam streaming. I have submitted a help request with Steam on this issue, but I wanted to bring it to the attention of someone specifically on the Epic side as well. As of right now, CAT interstellar, Everspace, Helium Rain, and Stellar Overload are all UE4 based games, and they run fine locally on a linux computer, but when streaming to a steam link or another computer, a green screen is displayed. You can hear the audio and the game will respond to input via a controller, but the display remains solid green.

Here’s my steam forum post:

And two others I found with the same issues:

I can provide more details on request:

Machine is an Intel i7-8700K with 64GB of RAM and a 1080 TI Nvidia graphics card running Fedora 26.