UE community equivalent of Unity's Unite

I don’t think there is a Unite equivalent for the Unreal Engine community?
Wouldn’t there be enough interest that this would be a success?

Epic’s done and does a lot of community things. There was the Make Something Unreal contests (why did this end?), there’s the new dev grant initiative.

But what about a yearly conference?

There have only ever been two Make Something Unreal contests - I suspect we’ve not had another simply down to how much work they are to implement and handle.

Epic has a number of events that run throughout the year and operate on a more regional level, rather than a single conference - you’ll find there are a number of sponsored meetups, some regular, some coinciding with conferences and expos.

Epic Games do Streams each week, for learn purposes, showcase and teach all over the network, better than limit to some local users and they go to the GDC each year.
Plus the engine got the code visible and is updated each day in Github, each x time Epic make reports of big changes.

So why they need make something like that ?

Looking at the list of talks on Unity website (Unity - Unity), I agree that such event would be an awesome thing. Although, I don’t know how many of these talks came from Unite.
Regular Streams done by Epic is a great thing but they are “one sided”, meaning that we don’t see how other studios are using UE4 and what kind of pipeline they have. Something else what is missing is pipelines with other tools, like for example videos on how to use Substance with UE4 won’t touch subject of Quixel, but practically quite a few people use both in their pipeline (this is just an example, not saying that we need a conference just to explain such things :smiley: ).
Other developers can cover subjects which Epic team just doesn’t have time to cover. Overall I think it would be great. My critique in slack was focused on something else.

I would like this :slight_smile:

This could be solved by Epic introducing more third parties on the streams, however. We don’t need a big, expensive conference for that kind of thing. If I’m going to learn anything about pipelines etc and need to spend money to do so, I’m going to GDC.