UE and Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

Hey together,
I tried to run a extern video signal (Sony FS7) via Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (USB 3.0) in to UE Studio, like it is explained here

Everything seems to be good until point 6, I have no options to chose from a configuration (pls see attachment).

Does anyone have any idea why?

Would help me a lot!

Thank you very much,

Hi Maximillian, did you ever have any luck finding a solution to this? We are in a similar conundrum.

Thanks :smiley:

Only the newer DeckLink PCI-E cards have been tested by Epic so it could be possible that the shuttle is not implemented or even supported. I took a quick look at Blackmagic’s Capture/Playback SDK and didn’t see any mention of the Intensity Shuttle line of products so you may be out of luck - I would start there though.

There are other ways of getting a live feed into the engine but they may not be as reliable.

I don’t think you can count on things working unless the plugin specifically says they are supported. I tried using an Intensity Pro 4k we had and it wasn’t recognized at all.

Hi there,
Im also trying to capture my Blackmagic Deckinlink Duo 2 Card in Unreal engine. Im following these steps but when I get to the configuration of the BlackMagic Card it give me a No configuration found.

Please Help