UE-92953 workaround

Not really a question, just more of a workaround I discovered that can help others experiencing issues with UE-92953. It’s inconvenient, but better than nothing.

So essentially this bug makes it extremely tedious to set the default values of elements in an array or set, as each time you add a new element the entire panel where you set the values collapses. This only applies to a map where the values (meaning opposite of keys) are structs with a set or array inside the struct, and you’re trying to set the elements inside of the struct’s array or set.

Here’s a workaround until this gets fixed:

  1. Create a new Struct in the content browser
  2. Call it whatever, it doesn’t matter. “DeleteMeTemporary” might be good.
  3. Open the struct
  4. Inside of the struct, add the same map type you’re trying to set default values for (ie: map of strings->some struct with array in it)
  5. Set the default values inside of the struct interface (without it collapsing! Yay!)
  6. In the Default Values section, right click the name of the map->copy
  7. Go into the blueprint with the map->struct variable you’d like to set the default values for.
  8. Select the map->struct variable
  9. In the Details panel, under Default Value, right click the map name and click paste.
  10. Delete the Struct you made in step 1.

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile: