UE-74459 - Animation jitter on listen server still unfixed in 4.26

As mentioned in title, animations still jittering in UE4.26.2.

Please notice, we speak about animation, and not movement (Cause a lot of solution i found, was finally about movement).

The bug is about the Listen Server see remote player animation running at a very low fps, and being choppy / jitter.
It’s only happen for the listen server.

This is a big visual issue for listen server game, can we have some update from epic about this ?
Thanks !

I’m in the same situation. It’s a shame to see that this issue is here for 2 years …
I have tried a lot of things and finaly find something that could be helpful for devs if they are aware of this.

This issue is only visible when “network emulation” is enabled. It’s even more visible when you select a bad “Network Profil Emulation” and if you if you increase the “Listen Server Network Simulated Smooth Location Time” to 0.3 (for example in your “character movement component”). It’s just awful. Movements are really smooth but the animation is stuttering a lot. All is related to this parameter …

same issue
But I just removed the tick from orient rotation to movement in character movement component.
solved it