UE-71260 - So how *do* we import additional animations in a Blender file?

Like many others, I’ve hit a brick wall where if I’ve previously imported a Skeletal Mesh with animations, and I later add new animations in the Blender file, there doesn’t seem to be a way to import these new animations without first deleting all of the existing assets from the Content folder and then re-importing everything from scratch.

Like others, I was expecting the new animations to show up after re-importing the mesh - or at least have some option in the animations screen to import new animations (not just re-importing existing ones).

Since UE-71260 has been marked as “By Design”, how should we “by design” import additional animations for an existing skeletal mesh? I can’t see how nuking and re-importing everything was an actual design choice.

Kind regards.

I guess you’ve figured out by now… but in case you didn’t…

First, you have to open the folder where all your animations are (I recommend you have a separate folder for your animations and your skeletal meshes and skeletons, or it will detect the skeletal mesh and ask you to replace it without showing you the import window).

Then get .fbx file with the new animations and make sure it is named exactly like the file you imported the first time, (also make sure your skeleton hierarchy and number of bones are the same, or the animations won’t import correctly)

then click import and select your file, one the import window, uncheck import mesh and below you’ll see a blue square, there you have to select the skeleton you already have in your file (the first one you imported), and hit import all, and all your new animations will be in the folder, though you may have to rename them.

I hope it helps.

No, I haven’t actually figured it out.

Thanks a lot, this really should be in the official documentation!

It’s also worth pointing out, if anyone is wondering, that the filenames of the animations are shorter if you import them as a separate step after importing the mesh and materials (usually minus the “anim” keyword in the middle).

So your animation would be called “MyCharacter_Armature_Idle.uasset” instead of “MyCharacter_Armature_Anim_Idle.uasset”, for example.