UE-71260 Reimport Does NOT import new animations


We use blender for our animation/modelling software,and we have a weird issue that we don’t know how to solve.

We usually handle animations along with the models (FBX contains animations), so our modeller/animator can handle all in the same place. But now whenever we add a new animation into the FBX, we have to delete all animation sequences, Skeleton, Physics Object and FBX from the project, in order to import the new animation.

The reimport command should bring in the new animation, but it doesnt. Is this getting fixed or is there something we are not seeing that allows us to reimport the new animation without having to lose ALL references in the game? (references to blend spaces and animation blueprints for example).

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This is related to UE-71260

I’m having the same problem in 4.25.3

To put the process into clear words: I import an fbx into Unreal without issues. Then I add 1 new animation to the blender file, export again and save over the same fbx, then click “reimport” in Unreal, but the new animation does not show up.

But if I delete the fbx in Unreal and import fresh, then every animation imports correctly. But this is obviously a disastrous workflow. If someone could try and reproduce this issue to confirm it exists, It’d be much appreciated.

I can confirm, after losing over 6 hours in total with pointless troubleshooting, that this is a real and Major issue. 4.26.2.

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