[UE-51146 | UE-51883 | UE-51727] Crash in Editor VR Preview

Making this post as suggested by the bug pages for UE-51146, UE-51883, UE-51727; as I feel guilty having submitted crash reports at least 100 times with no useful context. In aggregate there is something of a pattern, but the individual instances seem so… nebulous.

I am using a modified MotionControllerPawn, Widget components, and Stereo layers (combo of world and face locked). Seems to relate to putting head through/near stereo layers/widgets, but maybe just scene geometry, and I cannot yet reliably reproduce. Configurations that seem to present in a vaguely reproducible manner will not always trigger the same crash; just one of these. These scenarios present in random clusters, where a crash will recur in similar circumstances a few times very quickly, then not recur.

These certainly all seem related (see: cluster crashing ^).

All only present in VR Preview, involving some degree of head motion. I say this as they have yet to occur while HMD [Vive] is sitting on desk, nor in relation to dramatic motion controller use.

Will occur without touch controllers being powered on.

Has not occurred outside editor.

I will append comments here as (or if) more of a pattern emerges, or I’m able to create a minimized scene that causes it.


we already have a repro project