UE 5 Problem, MAJOR!

Major Issue With Project In Android Preview Vs SM 5 Preview, I Cannot See Meshes In SM 5 Preview But In Android SE 3.1 It Shows, Meaning I Cannot Edit My Map In UE 5 Because I Cannot See The Map Or Other Meshes At All In SM 5, But In Android 3.1 It All Shows Perfectly, Dont Know How To Upload This Bug, Please Do!

Further Detail: I Moved My Project In Android SE 3.1 Preview To UE 5, I Waited For Shaders To Compile But The Meshes Never Apeared, Just Invisible, So Now Im Stuck, I Cant Edit My Map Without Seeing The Map And I Cant Edit It While Seeing It, BRU!

Also, One More Issue, It Keeps Asking For An Uptodate SDK When Building With Android, Don’t Know Why, Thanks!

Infact, This Is Same On Every New Project I Make, Unless I’m In The Android Preview, It Wont Show Me The Mesh.
I Even Created A New Project And Still To No Avail, Also, I Don’t Think My PC Supports Nanite, Might Be Why… I Am Still Unclear Why This Issue Persists, I Hope UE Fixes It, BRU!