(UE-5) Opening Viewport renders all menu's empty with graphics clipping of the viewport


Since installing UE-5, I am encountering an issue with the Viewports. Whenever I open a viewport I lose the ability to see menu’s and have graphical glitching across the whole UE-5 platform. Can’t select menus or do anything within UE-5. If I remove the viewport window… All graphical anomalies are rectified and I can use the menus again.

I did not have this issue in "Preview 2 " or before in the beta. Only on final release of 5.00.

Further update…

I noticed my “Preview 2 UE5” projects work without any issue. Only when I create a new Blank C++ project does the viewport fail to work and all the menu’s become transparent and the screen after then goes into black.

Probably got fixed. I didn’t notice the issue. Maybe attach the player to a camera in the game then see if that works.

Yeah it must have been fixed. I found out that turning off MFAA (Multi-Frame Sampled AA) in nvidia also cured the problem…