UE 5 Missing events panel?

I was trying to follow a tutorial but why its missing events panel the text block?
Bottom right under adcanced there shoul dbe another panel called events but there isn’t .

Nvm , I had to choose input type of text !

It’s because it’s a TextBlock. TestBlock doesn’t support any events.

If it was a Button you’d see 5 events. If you want, you can open up the C++ source file ‘Button.h’, and you can see where these 5 events come from.

But TextBlock.h doesn’t declare any events, so there aren’t any Events to display in the Details panel. If you want your TextBlock to support events, Wrap it with a Button class. (Right click it in the Hierarchy, 'Wrap As…). If you’re following a tutorial maybe it already has a parent which is a Button, in that case just click on its parent.


The events panel is missing from the button settings? Help please

I am having the exact same problem. I’m following a tutorial and the events panel is gone

Make sure that the is variable checkbox at the top is selected