UE 5 Lyra

I understand that a lot of ‘stuff’ is free on ue but, it would be nice to know how to use it, the basics. I have UE 5 and the lyra starter program but no way of running the thing can be found. NOT a luddite but you know, it would be nice to actually use what I now have rahter than looking at a screen thinking, what if.

Yep same problem, almost no welcome documentation or response from anyone on these “forums”
XDK or GDK? New Unreal 5 - Xbox Series X - Lyra targeting developer whats next? - Platform & Builds / XDK Development - Unreal Engine Forums

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Steer the little ball and pedestal guy over to the green “maps” on the left. worked fine for me.

No such character to move. Honestly it is open as a project and that is it.

Hit the green play button…

Thanks mate, much appreciated.

Wish someone responded to my thread…

Hi, in case you might be interested, I create a series of timelapse videos showing basic coding in Lyra, at least showing where to find the correct file and get started.

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I understand that you tube is a fad, I do not use it and find simple step by step instructions easier. This has faults for those who like the ‘Hollywood’ feel of ‘look at me I’m on the telly’ and having an ego boost. Step by step method is not something that works for those with short attention spans or a ‘need’ for ego polishing.

Lyra Sample Game in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Interesting but I have seen that and it states that, “When launching Lyra you will be met with et etc”. No hint of how you ‘launch’ Lyra so it falls down on the first hurdle. Sorry mate, close but no banana.

We need 2 VIDEOS: First how to set up the Backend on the EOS Dev Site. Second how to get the EOS Version of Lyra to ACTUALLY compile. Until I can get that to work it is NOT a Multiplayer Template.


Hello! DOes anyone know where the bot “Names” are being set? I see the names listed in the B_ShooterBotSpawn but where exactly are they being assigned to a specifc bot? I’d like to use a blueprint to generate random names (beyond the ones listed in this file.


Why am I now reading we have to download and build the Source Engine to get this to work properly online with EOS? Why would you EVER design a public sample this way? And Why wasn’t it fixed within 72 hours of releasing it???