UE 5.2 Display Problem - General Anamoly

I played with UE 5.2 when it first came out and tested a few demo scenes and all was well. Yesterday I downloaded ‘Electric Dreams Env’ from the Marketplace. Upon opening it, I had some pretty bad display errors. See the attached video link.

I uninstalled UE5.2, rebooted and reinstalled then restarted it. I started a fresh generic scene and still have the display issues. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for my RTX 4090 and rebooted. Same display problems.

I tested UE5.1 and 5.0 and they are OK. So I think my RTX is not causing it.

Anyone else having this issue?

Hi Rob,

Just a heads-up that when I click on the Play button for the video, I get a message

“Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

My bad. I think I’ve set the privacy properly now.

However, I’ve found a solution. I had updated my 4090 with the newest NVidia driver Version 536.67. I went to open UE5.1 and had the same anomaly. I tried UE5.0 and same problem. Previously they were OK, but I guess after a few reboots, the problem propogated.

I reverted back to driver 536.40 and all versions perform normally again. I’m not sure if it’s my system only but hopefully this will help someone else if you find you have this issue.

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