UE 5.2.1 Content Browser Bug

Making new project of any templete,

layout looks like this

But it has to be

This (Content Browser has been missing)

Everytime making new project, Content Browser is being undocked and Windowed like 3rd image

So i tested lots of time

  1. Adding Starter Content triggers problem
  2. Loading Saved layout closes Quixel Bridge tab (Maybe Layout file doesnt contains Bridge tab or its also a bug), Also Cannot Open it again
    But its opened again when closing project and opening again
  3. Uninstall everything(Epic Launcher, UE, Other services) and installing again didnt worked
  4. Other PC has same problem
  5. Removing and Reinstalling Quixel Bridge Plugin doesnt fixed the problem
  6. Installed Plugin didnt caused problem
  7. Content Browser always been opend first. Then Editor opened on top of Content Browser

I really want it to be fixed asap
Not a critical bug but annoying when starting new project :frowning:

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