UE 5.1 very slow, constant crashes, and a disaster

just decided to switch over and did about 2 weeks of work on 5.1 and had enough
of it, so I decided to migrate all my work to 5.0.3 only to find out none of my BPs migrated from 5.1 to 5.0.3 can be opened along with other things like audio, nanite meshes and such so thank you I will be doing a complete manual migration like a peasant (create new BPs, create same var, func yea lots of fun)

whoever decided to downgrade the UI in 5.1 should get downgraded too, I loved the icons for the var and now they all look washed out and the same

did 2 reinstalls same thing, all my stuff is up to date, PC rig is great, 5.0.3 is working like a charm compared to 5.1

Edit: Migration is broken entirely, you cant migrate anything from UE5.1
bye 2 weeks worth of work on static meshes

Migrate isnt broken you cant migrate to a lower engine version that is how its always been done to prevent issues. They even warn you of this when you attempt to upgrade your project to make a copy as there could be issues.

Edit: as for static meshes or anything not engine related you can export them to fbx,obj,wav ect in 5.1 and still use them as they would just be an asset file and not tied to the editor

hi thank you for giving an alternative that is what I had to do to get my stuff out of 5.1
I havent seen this warning when upgrading project, does the warning prompt when switching versions? if so nothing shows up for me

About constant crashes in 5.1, have you tried switching the Default RHI in Project Settings to DirectX 11 from 12?

hello it is set to 12 by default and shader compiling is very fast
I found that when working with nanite the crashing happens more and not working with nanite it is fine
still there is the lag issue that I cant explain, using things like Chaos can take up to 1+ minute to generate fracture even for 1 fracture