UE 5.1 Retargeting issue with left hand

Hi i have been trying to restarget Rifle Mocap from unreal market lace to the this Character but iam having this issue with the left hand having a twist tried with the Starter animation pack as well but same issue. this is happening with all the other assets from store tried 3 different paid Skeletal mesh assets with default Manni skeleton. is there a fix to this

It seems your new characters skeleton rig lower arm twist is at a different angle than the default unreal one. Is there any extra logic driving it’s rotations?

Go inside your 3d asset creation software and compare the local axis rotation of the lower arm twists compared to the ue model (you can import it’s skeleton via fbx export from unreal)

Also check if you mesh actually has any skin weights assigned to the twist bones. It could also be that they just have zero weights.

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Hi @3dRaven thanks for the reply I haven’t made this assets I am trying to use the market place assets called - Adventure Character, Stylized Character Kit: Casual 01 and PBR Customized Soldier with this animation packs called - Rifle Pro - MoCap Pack and Animation Starter Pack. All the Above assets iam facing the same issue when retargeting the animation to the mesh using the docs and Youtube videos to retarget, So the problem is with the Mesh of these Characters is there a way to fix this without using the 3d software to fix the axis of the Arm.

You could duplicate unreal’s RTG_Manequin retargeter and open it up.

  • Select your source and target skeletons
  • Set your aim offset pose
  • go to the chain mapping panel (bottom right by default)
  • click on lower arm twist bone (either one for tests)
  • in the details panel you should have options for rotation modes (it could be flipping on interpolated so try maybe “one for one” or if the bone is flipped “one for one reversed”
  • if the bone rotation is offset around it’s length then in theory FK “pole vector offset” should rotate it.

Without the model in hand it’s a bit of guess work.

OFC once you get it working save your new re-target preset

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@3dRaven Tried the above steps nothing seems to change Idk Why its not working, also tried manually Making the IK Rig for both the Mesh to match the structure of the each other still its happening.

Mailed the Asset Creator and he fixed the model

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