UE 5.1. Nanite Displaced Mesh plugin.

How does this plugin work?

Is there any information on how to apply it?

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Hi there!

Have you discovered something?

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Its a really simple setup on your NaniteDisplacedMesh you just input your nanite mesh at the top [Base Mesh] and the texture you’re using to displace the mesh in the displacement maps. You can adjust the error to more casualty fit your texture but the compiling will take longer the lower you go and the higher the less accurate.

To get displacement to show up you have to create a second uv map [ i did it in blender] and seperate out your areas you want displaced.


This kinda shows each set using the displacement [red is displaced.]

Here I split up this box into 3 seperate displaced areas.

Here’s how multiple displacement maps works when working with different face sets n areas n stuff.

here’s the uvs for that cube. Each move over correlates to a new array index on the NaniteDisplacedMesh asset.

Right now it seems that you cant expose anything but the new nanite displaced mesh component in your blueprint so you cant have variables for maps and intensity and stuff. I dont know how this will evolve with time but it is really interesting and I noticed Fortnite started using it thats why I explored it :D. Hope this somewhat helps anyone who finds this.


Thanks for your answer, but tessellation and displacement still doesn’t work for me. I think I missed something or I need to activate some parameter in the project. I tried it on a new project, but the result is the same. :frowning:

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Seems like this feature isn’t working properly? So far almost nobody seem to be able to get this working :confused:

Nothing happens on the mesh, just takes a long time to generate “something”.

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It should work fine if you follow what I wrote. I’ve tested it again, and it still seems to work. This is proprietary, so you must set up your meshes to use it. In 5.2, they added a similar version to the static mesh editor, but it’s not as modular from what I can tell.

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