UE 5.1 constantly crashing, supposedly on autosave or something else

I am starting to get really tired of all this crashing, so bear with me here. Not that I expect this to get answered as my posts here rarely do, but I may as well do it anyway.

UE 5.1 has been giving me serious problems lately. Had to restart my computer multiple times, installed the latest Nvidia driver literally earlier today, reset all global settings to default in the Nvidia control panel…

But no matter what, I constantly get random crashes for random reasons at almost completely random times. This time, I get this an access violation with a lot of 'UnrealEd’s, like one ‘Kernel32’, and nothing else (I think). So I don’t know what this ties to. Although I notice that this sometimes (always) happens when an autosave is triggered, but I’m not sure if that’s the case.

I’ve had enough stress for today, and I don’t want to deal with Unreal crashing every 5 minutes for a multitude of different reasons, in pretty much every project I can think of.

Here are my specs i guess

GPU: GeForce GTX 1650 Ti
CPU: Intel Core i5 10300H @ 2.50Ghz
RAM: 32Gb DDR4 @ 2667 Mhz

I seriously need help. Thanks in advance (if this gets answered)

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