UE 5.03 - new landscape comes in transparent

I’m still very new to all of this so if there’s a FAQ that answers my question, please let me know. In UE 5.03, when I create a new landscape I get the typical green grid, then when I hit “create” a landscape is created but it’s transparent.

I’ve looked at all the v5 docs and I am doing everything the way it’s shown in every example I can find, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Any suggestions?



Hi @Paul_Griswold!

Would you mind showing us what settings you currently have while setting up your landscape, as well as some screenshots of your problem?

Any additional information you can provide will be a big help in solving your problem.

Hi @Paul_Griswold
I discovered, in my case, it happen when push ‘G’ key to hide all controls. If I push ‘G’ key again landscape show again.

Good luck!!


Thanks for this temporary solution. It worked here (to show the transparente landscape) with G, but this looks to be a bug, isn’t it?

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