UE 5.02 - Object has wrapping UVs

Screenshot of error window

I can’t build my scene because “‘object’ has wrapping UVs” (luckily it’s just copy/pasted a bunch so if I fix one I fix them all). I’ve searched all over google and only found fixes for UE4.xx, nothing for 5. I tried following the 4 guidance but none of the options are where they used to be. Can anyone help me solve this? I find it odd that generic Quixel assets aren’t setup properly to drag in and use without fixing errors right off the bat.

Also how do I fix the first error as well? “No importance volume found and the scene is so large that the automatically synthesized volume will not yield good results. Please add a tightly bounding lightmass importance volume to optimize your scene’s quality and lighting build times.”

Windows 10
Quixel Bridge 5.0