UE 4 - When buying in the Marketplace, what "others" supported platforms means? PS4 & Xbox?

Hi, i want to buy some plugins in the Marketplace, but i wonder why so many ítems have an “others” tag in the supported platforms, does it mean: PS4, Xbox One?

I wonder this because i rarely find a plugin that says it Works with PS4 or Xbox, why that happens? my only theory is that, if it Works for Windows… it automatically Works for Xbox and PS4, because a lot of plugins are only tagged as Windows, if not i dont know what “others” mean and why allmost all plugins i find do not say if they work with Xbox or PS4.


Please help, thanks!

It really depends on the specifics. Some plugins may contain source that you are allowed to recompile. That would in theory make it work for any platform, but there could be platform specific requirements in some cases. Your best bet is asking the developer-Does it have source code? Are there platform specific libraries or features?