UE 4 crashes when using NDI Receiver and RayTracing (DirectX 12)

I’m trying to use Unreal Engine 4.25.2 with an NDI Receiver (NewTek’s plugin last version)
If I disable RayTracing everything works fine, but if I enable RayTracing Unreal crashes at restart.

I’m not the only one that’s experiencing this issue.

Anyone got some solutions?

Same issue here, but on 4.24.3. The engine crashes as soon as I hit the play button, but works ok if I disable RayTracing. A solution would be awesome.

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Multiple ndi sources and outputs work perfectly including keying, but with Ray-tracing enabled it crashes.

ue4 4.25.3

Hey - i am guessing that NDI has a Direct X 12 compatibility issue.

We had the same problem with SPOUT so we wrote a plugin to convert DX12 textures to DX11 to be compatible with other SPOUT receivers (Touch Designer, Resolume, OBS etc).

You could use our plugin and then the Spout to NDI plugin and it would probably work well enough. It’s a bit of a hack but there might not be a better option for now…

There’s a link to the plugin on our discord group: Off World Live Community