UE 4 crashes when i try to import heightmaps,why?

Whenever i try to import a heightmap inside ue 4,the progress bar after filling up crashes immediately.Even i updated from 4.12.3 to 4.12.4,still the same problem persists and i even tried to to test them in a blank project as well as a non-blank one.I also tried 16bit png and raw files too.Please Help !

I’ve also been experiencing this.

I had same problem, but only when creating landscape using heightmap.

I was able to workaround it by selecting “Import from file” selecting heightmap and adjusting all the options, then switching to “Create new” and creating it. Then in Landscape Mode under “Target Layers” rightclick Heightmap and select “Import from file” and import your heightmap.

Thanks Mordraug ! I am now able to workaround with height maps by following the steps mentioned by you.