UE 4 crash on Fbx import

Hello, i have one problem with the import of the Unreal Engine 4, my FBX mesh don’t load and UE4 crash after 10 minutes of the import, this mesh have 60k poly and use the mirror of the Blender, i don’t can remake this mesh, have another method for solve this problem. (I export to Obj, it don’t help to solve the problem).

Hey BossSupremo,

Would you mind taking a look at our How to Report a Bug post on the forums to get an understanding of the process when reporting bugs or crashes.

I am going to need your crash logs and more than likely the .FBX file zipped in a folder and attached to your response so I can test the import process on my end.

One think you could try is to use a different .FBX file version like 2014 to see if that helps at all.

Thank you,

Okay, the fbx, the last crash info and the Diagnostics.txt stay on attachment.link text

Hey BossSupremo,

So there are a couple of issues which are more than likely causing the editor to crash when trying to import your .FBX file. For starters, I would take a look at our documentation on Skeletal Meshes and general .FBX best practices. Your mesh needs some optimization in regards to uniform polygon and triangle size as well as count. You have also left a large opening in the head of the mesh which is going to cause some slow down when unreal is trying to calculate your .FBX on import.

FBX Content Pipeline

The second thing you will want to pay attention to, which is also stated in the documentation, is the correct .FBX file version. Our pipeline uses .FBX 2014 file version, and using a different version could cause compatibility issues like the crash you are experiencing. Once you have optimized your mesh to have a more even distribution of polygons/tris and you have modified your file version, but you are still getting a crash. Let me know and we can continue with the troubleshooting process.