UE 4 complete projects export

Is it possible to export things (blueprints/Materials etc) from the UE 4 complete projects and use it in my own projects?

You can move (Migrate) assets between projects from the Content Browser:

I have some problems doing that - are the projects transferable between different versions of UE? I am currently using UE 4.6.

What is the problem when migrating? Remember to select everything what you want to migrate. For example select only some files/whole directories/whole project, and UE should migrate everything associated to your selection.

I have migrated some resources several times, 4.3 - 4.5 with no problems. Of course some things does not work after migration if the specific method or action has been changed in engine. Just my 0.02 if it helps.

I tried to export the whole project and the only thing that works is the sounds. All meshes are grey. I know I can do the painstakingly job of patching it all up but I hoped it actually would work “out of the box” so to say. No luck with migrating single asssets eaither. Especially the water effects look nice and I would love to see them at work in my projects.